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"Watching the Watchers" is my latest painting, measuring 80 x 80cm, created using a mix of spray paint and acrylic on canvas. The inspiration for this piece came from an old UFO story from the 1950s in America. The story involves a police officer who encountered beings that referred to him as a watchman. This concept of being watched and observing the unknown sparked my imagination and led me to create this painting.

The painting depicts a magpie bird perched on a branch, watching as a UFO shines a beam of light onto a police car parked outside a retro-style gas station. The magpie's gaze represents the curious and observant nature of humans, while the UFO and police car represent the unknown and the mysterious.

Originally, the piece was going to be called "Watching the Watchers of the Watchmen," as the magpie is watching the whole scene take place. However, I realized that the title was too long and opted for the simpler version, "Watching the Watchers."

Using a mix of spray paint and acrylic on canvas, I aimed to create a sense of depth and texture that would draw the viewer in and capture their attention. The dark clouds in the sky add a touch of drama and mystery to the scene.

Overall, "Watching the Watchers" is a subtle yet thought-provoking piece that invites the viewer to contemplate the scene and draw their interpretation of what is happening. It captures the essence of human curiosity and our fascination with the unknown, making it a unique and captivating addition to my ufo series of paintings.

Watching the watchers original painting

  • 80 x 80 cm with 4cm deep edge. Mixed media, Free hand spray paint on canvas with acrylic details. varnished, stamped on the back and signed on the front. Includes six pack of varying vinyl stickers deisgns and certificate of authenticity, stamped and signed by the artist. Arrives well packaged, bubble wrapped, with wooden protective plates and shrink wrapped

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