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Artist bio

Rocket01 is a highly accomplished street artist and mural painter with over two decades of experience in the field. Originating from Sheffield, UK, Rocket01 currently resides in Portugal where he operates a studio in the northern city of Porto.

With a unique and recognisable style, Rocket01's work has gained recognition globally. He began as a graffiti artist in 1994 and quickly distinguished himself with his signature letter style incorporating realism and 3D elements. Later on, he transitioned to larger-scale mural projects, traveling worldwide to bring his art to diverse communities.


In his early graffiti years, he painted Sheffield's abandoned buildings, working alone in solitude. These hidden works became a crucial period of growth and experimentation, allowing him to refine his artistic skills and explore different styles. Despite remaining underground and unseen by the public, this time shaped his artistic identity and laid the foundation for future achievements.

Today, Rocket01 has shifted his focus to studio work and canvas paintings, where he explores his passion for dreamy sci-fi retro surrealism. His paintings often touch on themes of environmentalism, technology, science, and the natural world, inviting viewers to interpret and connect with his art in their own way.

Rocket01's artwork is instantly recognisable for its distinctive colour palette, which draws inspiration from the colours found in plant life. Although he initially used a combination of red and green hues, he has since expanded his use of colour to include turquoise and pink shades, among others. This limitless approach to colour allows Rocket01 to create truly unique and striking pieces that showcase his creativity and artistic talent.

Throughout his work, Rocket01 frequently incorporates the peace sign and CND badge as symbols of environmental and social consciousness. He also includes helmets, headwear, and animals as representations of the natural world and human progress.

Rocket01's painting techniques are as unique as his style. He specialises in using spray cans on canvas using a specially modified cap to achieve incredibly fine, almost hairline strokes. While it can be a challenging and time-consuming process, it's the method that Rocket01 has perfected over time, allowing him to maintain a connection to his street art roots.

With his dedication to his craft and unique artistic style, Rocket01 is truly a standout figure in the world of street art and mural painting.

rocket01 london penge.JPG
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