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Tipping point is my biggest and best canvas painting to date. It was originally 1.5mx1.5m in size. Painted predomintely in spray paint with finer details added in acrylic I decided to produce a very limited edition run of just 25 prints.


Delivered in a large strong tube. Shipping covers packaging and is a flat rate for all countries ! 


I took a new direction with this piece, it features so many different elements, creating the design for it was more like mathmatics, fitting everything together in the right order and at the right angles. 


Tipping point is largely about climate change. Scientists often talk about a tipping point where the climate slides away into an extreme scenario of drouts, floods, and famine. I imagined bands of travellers, searching for gasoline, accompanied by packs of dogs that were previously pets.


Theres so much more in this piece though, its also about opposites, man and woman, holding on, letting go, love hate, flying floating, sinking and swimming, cars and bikes, bikes and horses, fire and flood, hot and cold, wet and dry, top cats and under dogs, hoof and wheel, wing and fin, red and green, life and death.


In the top right corner is an arrow, supported by two birds heading towards the tipping point. But finally it's not all doom and gloom, on the dusty track, in the path of the car, roots remain, shoots appear and grow green once again !

Tipping point

  • These prints are large, 60x60cm. They are signed and numbered and printed onto smooth, 100% cotton 315gsm paper. Delivered in a large strong tube.


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