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Back Garden Back Up" is the title of my newest painting on canvas. The piece predominantly explores the idea that all elements of nature, including plants, weeds, and small creatures inhabiting our yards and back gardens, have their rightful place. As we confront the looming threat of ecological ruin, scientific findings highlight the essential role of these smaller creatures in supporting our ecosystems. Bees, badgers, and many others are vital to our survival, just as we are crucial to theirs. They act as our support system, they are our back up, aiding in the restoration of habitats and environments.


Within the artwork, you'll find my signature imagery of helmets and a peace sign, symbolizing the imperative of harmony and unity between humanity and nature. Accompanying these symbols are a badger, ladybird beetle, and a cluster of pitcher plants (Sarraceniaceae), representing the diverse range of organisms that contribute to the balance of ecosystems.


"Back Garden Back Up" diverges from my usual color palette of reds and greens. Instead, I've opted for warm yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks, complemented by a light ivory background. This color selection creates an inspiring and invigorating ambiance, celebrating the beauty and vibrancy of nature.

"Back Garden Back Up" not only showcases my artistic abilities but also conveys a potent message about the interconnectedness of nature and the urgent need to safeguard it.


I'm pleased to offer this painting in various color schemes. You can choose from the displayed options or propose a custom color scheme of your preference, simply purchase any of the colours and then email me to discuss your chosen colour. A design will be sent prior to painting for you to approve. At present only the yellow summer version is ready for immediate purchase. The artwork itself is sizable, measuring 2m x 2m, and painted on loose free-hanging canvas. For convenient delivery, it can be securely rolled into a tube. If you wish to discuss a custom size of your choosing, then feel free to contact me and discuss.

Back garden back up original painting

  • Free hand spray paint on loose free hanging canvas, measuring 2m x 2m

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