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In April 2024, an agency in Madrid reached out to me regarding a project for a large German engineering company. This company was expanding and wanted to mark the opening of their new building with a special gift for their CEO – a 2m x 2m canvas. The head of the Madrid agency had seen a mural I painted in Murcia a few years ago and thought I could be the right fit for this project.

Initially, I felt a bit apprehensive. The previous mural, though well-received, didn't fully reflect my preferred style due to neighborhood considerations. Since then, I've been more selective about projects i've taken on, determined not to compromise my artistic integrity. For this canvas commission, I was resolute about sticking to my sci-fi inspired style of helmets and portraits.

The company's motto, 'unlocking technological worlds for generations to come,' really resonated with me, aligning with themes often explored in my work. Their focus on sustainability was another aspect I appreciated, and I felt confident I could create something that spoke to both their values and my own artistic vision.

I began researching the company's products and ethos, I found they manufactured tool parts, lasers, micro chips, large machinery and much more. I found inspiration in these high-tech creations. Integrating these elements with plants and animals, I envisioned a design that balanced futuristic imagery with organic forms.

However, there were challenges. The company's colors were navy blue and white, diverging from my usual palette. Plus, with a tight deadline of four weeks, there was little margin for error. To increase my chances of success, I also prepared a second design, but luckily, they accepted the first one. I was really happy with the design the whole helmet consisted entirely of the companies products

This project also marked my first time stretching my own canvas. Given its size and the logistics involved in transporting it to Madrid and then to Germany for framing, I needed to ensure its durability. Thankfully, everything went smoothly, from stretching the canvas to painting the design. I decided to title the painting 'Phytology' which means the study of plants. I imagined a futuristic scientist equipped with advanced tools, devices, and equipment, attached to her as she explored forests and jungles.

The unveiling event in Madrid was a success, with the CEO expressing her delight in the artwork. We talked briefly and i explained the inspiration behind my design for the canvas.

Afterwards, I packed up the canvas and sent it off to Germany for framing, concluding a fulfilling and enjoyable project. While in Madrid, I took the opportunity to explore the city's cafes and restaurants, and even visited a new paint supplier. From madrid i flew to London, where I painted a wall for the London Calling blog in Penge – a story I'll share in my next blog post.


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