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Painting Penge

Title: "Future World" My visit to Penge with London Calling Blog"


In late October 2023, I embarked on my second painting trip to Penge, a London suburb I first visited in July 2018. This return to Penge was not just a reunion with a beloved location but also a testament to the incredible transformation that has taken place in this community over the years, thanks to a small but dedicated collective known as "London Calling Blog." Their relentless efforts have turned Penge into a major hub for street art enthusiasts and artists from around the world.

**The Evolution of Penge's Street Art Scene:**

Penge has undergone a remarkable transformation since my last visit, becoming a thriving center for street art. The driving force behind this transformation is the London Calling Blog, a collective that has dedicated itself to helping artists—both local and international—find spaces to paint their artwork in and around Penge. Their tireless commitment has not only enriched the local art scene but has also bridged the gap between artists and the community.

**A Community and Artist-Friendly Approach:**

What sets London Calling Blog apart is their close collaboration with local Penge businesses, which grants artists permission and access to quality wall spaces. They have also do a great job of managing the turnover time of artwork, allowing each piece to adorn Penge's streets for a substantial period. This careful curation keeps the art scene vibrant, continually welcoming new and returning artists and exposing the local community to an ever-changing canvas of creativity.

**My Canvas in Penge:**

During this trip, London Calling Blog had a lovely spot waiting for me – an amazing canvas in the form of a large metal door on the side of Southey Brewing. This gorgeous old building, nestled away in a side street in central Penge, served as my studio for a couple of days. The square shape of the door was ideal for my work, and the space had been pre-prepared for me, which was a tremendous help given my tight schedule.

The piece i painted featured a woman wearing a glass helmet with flowing pink hair, and inside the earpiece of the helmet, I painted a small but intricate goldfish gazing out of a watery bowl. The portrait was enveloped by my signature green vines, and a magpie bird perched on top, adding a sidekick to the female portrait. A color palette, of turquoise and red tones, prevailed, and my signature symbols of the CND badge and a green emerald jewel found their place, symbolizing green energy and the transition to a cleaner world.

**Completing the Vision:**

Despite the heavy rainfall that had plagued London in the previous week, I managed to complete the intricate piece just in time. A quick coat of satin metal lacquer enhanced the artwork's darker colour tones.

I'm very grateful for the support from the staff at Southey Brewery, along with the well-known photographer 'Street Art Atlas,' who came to document the whole process, and keep me company, it added to the experience.

**Closing Thoughts:**

My return to Penge and the opportunity to collaborate with London Calling Blog were truly inspiring. Their dedication to elevating Penge's art scene has not only benefited the community but also left a profound impact on artists like me. I am grateful for the privilege to paint in Penge and look forward to returning soon. Thank you to London Calling Blog and Southey Brewery for making this artistic journey a memorable one. Penge is indeed a shining example of how a community can be transformed through art and collaboration.

Big thanks to street art atlas for the photos


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