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"Star People" is a mesmerizing and slightly abstract painting that showcases a fusion of different images interconnected in a beautiful way.

Measuring 80x80cm and created using a mix of spray paint and acrylic, this painting is a departure from my usual style, with a playful and almost mathamatical like design. 

The color scheme of blue and turquoise, with signature touches of reds and pinks, adds depth and vibrancy to the painting. It features a series of faces and helmets, a UFO beaming up a police car, a magpie, and carnivorous pitcher plants, all intricately interwoven in a crazy, yet cohesive composition.

Despite the slightly abstract nature of the piece, there is a sense of looseness and freedom in the painting style, yet it still retains my preferred clean and detailed appearance. "Star People" is a stunning and thought-provoking piece that im particularly happy with, it's also the piece i painted large onto a wall for the 'Hit the north' mural festival in Belfast in 2023

Star people canvas print

  • These canvas prints are excellent and of a really high quality. Every splutter, splat, and speckle of the spray paint can be seen and they are indistinguishable from the originals, im super impressed with them.

    380gr matte canvas with giclee varnish. Signed on the front and stamped on the back. Includes a certificate of authenticity and 6 item vinyl sticker pack

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