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"Mag Racers" is an 80x80cm painting in spray paint and acrylic, that showcases a futuristic and movie-like poster scene with an 80's vibe. The palm trees and sunset in the background give off an air of nostalgia for that iconic Miami Vice feel, while my signature peace badge can be found on the painting as always. I'm particularly proud of the magpie reflection in the helmet, which adds a unique touch to the piece.

The title of the painting is a play on words for the potential future of magnetic levitation vehicles, which inspired the magpie and helmet depicted in the painting. Originally a large wall mural painted onto a wall in Lisbon in 2021, "Mag Racers" quickly gained popularity with both photographers and passersby, leading me to create a canvas painting of the same image. Overall, the painting is a nod to both the past and the future, and a good reminder of my first mural in Lisbon.

Mag Racers canvas print

  • These canvas prints are excellent and of a really high quality. Every splutter, splat, and speckle of the spray paint can be seen and they are indistinguishable from the originals, im super impressed with them.

    380gr matte canvas with giclee varnish. Signed on the front and stamped on the back. Includes a certificate of authenticity and 6 item vinyl sticker pack

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